Alpha rotation; spray brush; beehive tiling

I enjoy painting on the sculpted models and really love the improvements of the paint tool. And find myself wanting to rotate the alpha many times. I wonder if anyone has the same need. I think it will be good addition, also “spray brush type” and beehive tiling please :slight_smile:

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I would like a constraint system to make nice straight lines for example but also for the alpha to be able to block it at a definite angle rather than doing 100 tries before it is straight or in the right position.


@Costorella_Stefano Sounds stupid - but a clear plastic ruler, something from real world drawing, will help till this is implemented :vulcan_salute:

I wasn’t missing rotate that much so far, but I will if painting gets more interesting.
#1 lock alpha to stop rotate following stroke direction is a nice option.
#2 rotate alpha with two fingers, including 90 degree snap and reset.
#3 position, jitter, random is useful for sure.
#4 straight line = start to draw, place second finger on screen, Nomad makes straight line in drawn direction.
#5 Or shape detection. Draw and hold. Now Nomad recognise if straight line, ellipse, or rectangle is drawn and converts it into an editable path. Now you can continue drawing and edit mode is left, or you can edit. And you have a stamp option! Press stamp and stroke is executed, but stays editable. You can move, stamp, move, stamp same stroke again and again. And you can edit a bit, and stamp, and edit and stamp.
Oh glory things would be possible. Best if you can still edit not only path, but also change brush while editable path is active. :grinning:

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May our wishes be granted lol

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Or a slider bar in the menu. Like in photoshop. Increase the slider and it rotates more per stroke dab. No slider and it stays the same.

+1 for jitter option

I think a full procedural-ish brush system (in the direction of Procreate’s, if not as robust, since a lot of their options, like wet mixing and the like would probably be a bit overkill) would be an incredible (if long-term) addition.

That, plus a single-file brush-sharing format would be pretty incredible (but obviously no small feat).

Alpha adjustment (rotation) and alpha jitter (position, rotation and scale) would be great!
Straight lines would be very useful too.


I was missing some of my points today.
Alpha jitter I.e.
Alpha rotation lock. / Alpha rotation.

Would lead to big improvements for illustrations imho.

New additions are so cool.