Requested updates to the gizmo and lighting brightness

Hello there! Can you please add the following updates updates to gizmo:

  • Scale units: Adding units will make it easier to use scale as you don’t have to re-scale an object to compare it. For example, if you make a model of a human using the default scale is centimetres and compare it with a building that has a default scale of metres, you need to rescale the human body to the actual size and adding units makes it convinient as you don’t have to rescale either both. So on Nomad, let’s define that sides of the scale 1.0 box as 1 metre. And these are the length units that must be added: All SI length units, feet (1 ft=0.3048 m), inches (1 in=2.54 cm), miles (1 mil=1.609 km), nautical miles (1 nmi=1.852 km), astronomical unit (the distance from the earth and the sun), light year (the distance of light travels in a year which is 9460730472580.8 km), parsec (1 parsecs=3.26 light years), kiloparsecs (3260 light years), megaparsecs (3,260,000 light years), gigaparsecs (3,260,000,000 light years). The maximum scale for an object is 93 billion light years which is the size of the observable universe and the smallest scale is 1.6×10^-35 metres which is planck length, the smallest possible size in the universe.