Renaming should pop up keyboard

Renaming and any kind of text input should pop up the keyboard with text already highlighted.

At the moment it highlights text but no keyboard, until you tap the text field, the keyboard pops up but then you lost the highlight, so you have to keep tapping “del” and then you type the new input. Too much steps for a common task that should be instant.

I hope this is simple to implement, it’ll be so convenient

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Not sure I understand what you mean, what is your system and what’s your keyboard?

When I tap “Name” it should spawn the keyboard so that it’s quick to type somthing.

As you can see in the video, atm you have to tap on “Name” then tap on the text field for the keyboard to appear, then you have to erase, and then type the new name, and this is the same in every text input across the app.

It would be much more convenient if the keyboard pops up right after I tap Name just like Telegram and other apps.

I know it’s s a small detail, but it’s very repetitive

I use android, Samsung default keyboard


It should be kinda like this

It should display the keyboard only if there is no keyboard detected.
Is it the case here (is it a pencil, trackpad or mouse on your video?)

Also you can select the text by tapping twice on the input text, no need to delete character one by one.

Yes, thats a pencil.

The problem is not about keyboard detection, it’s about the virtual keyboard not displaying instantly; check out this example from Telegram…

When I tap “Edit” the keyboard pops up instantly which is much more convenient.

Again, I know it sounds like a minor thing but it’s somthing very common to input using keyboard and it does accumulate over time and gets really annoying

I remeber this update it was useful interface update but can be better with this request.

Thank you.

It IS about keyboard detection, because if there is a physical/bluetooth keyboard connected, then there is no need for the virtual keyboard at all.

As I said previously, the menu does popup automatically for me because I have no keyboard connected to Android.

I don’t have a keyboard attached as well, yet it does not open automatically. Could it be a bug or device related

There’s a lot of important feature to be added and feature request to be done first. You’re requesting a feature that almost no connection or not essential to sculping. But yeah, your request might dev do someday but like I said essential feature first.:relaxed:

It’s not a feature, it’s part of the user experience, so it doesn’t have to be sculpting related. It’s one of those small things that you don’t know you need until you try them, and it makes your worknflow faster.

It seemed simple to implement, just the keyboard pops up, nothing new or coded from scratch as you make it seem to be.
It’s a continuation of the interface update in v1.40 shown above, that update is completely redundant without what I’m requesting here, because the text highlight will be lost as soon as you tap the text field to spawn the keyboard.

Steph said it does popup on his android so I have to try other devices to see if it’s only my device.

Like you said, I’m all in for new juicy features and big updates, but sometimes the little things need to be taken care of as well. Thanks for your input.

I seem to remember having that problem too in a previous version, but I just tried it and it does open the keyboard with the whole text selected when I rename a model or a view.
Though it would be great, if it was set to a capital letter automatically :grimacing::smile:

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Now that you mentioned it I kinda remember not having this problem before?! But not sure.
Yes, auto Capital would also be great!

As nomad is getting better and better, project are getting more professional and complex with lots of parts, views and layers that need renaming to keep things organised; conveniences like this makes it less jarring to do so.