Keyboard handling improvement

I have a suggestion that I think might improve keyboard handling

As an example: The current implementation is that when the Flatten brush is mapped to ‘0’ (like in the default keymapping) and you press ‘0’, the current brush switches to either:

  1. Flatten (if for example Clay is active)
  2. back to Clay (if Flatten is active)

This is probably done so the user is able to switch back to the previous brush using the keyboard, in case it isn’t mapped to a key.

This toggle behavior is quite unpredictable though and breaks the workflow especially when working focused/blindly because some users do not keep track which brush is currently active at times :wink:

May I suggest an improvement by using a “sticky keys” like feature:

  • If the hotkey is held down for less than half a second: the current brush switches to the new brush (but not back)
  • if the hotkey is held down for longer than half a second: the current brush switches to the new brush, and back to previous brush when the hotkey is released again (like smooth works with shift)

Hope I could make myself clear :soap:


Sorry to bump this, but I can’t get used to the hotkey toggle behavior.

Could it be disabled? Maybe as a preference. It keeps throwing me off when sculpting quickly :flushed:

I’ll think about it.


I get the work flow “blindness” (though it’s just really hyperfocus, the question is on what though) I have to check which object I’m working on with large files a lot, (doesn’t turn purple again, can sometimes seem like I just didn’t click on it, what with my pen tips getting on the fritz towards the end of their lifespan/fingers being fat.

Not sure what the fix for that would be, considering if it lit up purple again it would seem like you’ve click it for the first time. Maybe a different color for recognition the object is active? But then again would a noobie get the intuive nature behind that or would it be a mystery, and they’d wonder why items sometimes light up (X) color instead of purple? I don’t know.

I could imagine how that’d be an ease-of-use issue. But i also can’t imagine working fast enough to get great use out of keys so :man_shrugging:

I noticed it’s already in the demo. Thanks! Looking forward to checking it out on the tablet. Keyboard handling is perfect now, no more excuses for me now not to get into hour long sculpting sessions :slight_smile:

@Nick_McDaniel there’s settings for that already, you can have Nomad display unselected objects in a darker shade, or draw colored outlines around the selected objects. It’s in the display settings (cogwheel menu top right)