Modifier key combos?

With the default keymapping, holding SHIFT to smooth and then additionally holding down the ALT key (on a PC keyboard in the browser version) switches back to the active brush.

I think it would be more intuitive that with SHIFT and ALT both down, smooth with the alt mode (relax) could turn on.

Similarly CTRL (mask) and ALT (unmask) together switches back to the brush, instead of unmasking.

(This could be a browser version thing again, would be nice to have access to the current version as a browser version to compare)

Yes it’s a bug, the key binding only works if the modifier exactly matches but I’ll change that.

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Thanks! A suggestion, when SHIFT (smooth) and CTRL (mask) are held at the same time, it could be used to smooth the mask with the brush (similar to smoothing paint). It could even support sharpening when holding ALT, too.

In the current web beta, SHIFT + ALT doesn’t relax but does a normal smooth

edit: fixed already :+1: