Key Bidings various bugs

Hi, my device is samsung galaxy note 10, recent nomad version, dex mode.
Im not sure if those are bugs/limitations or some setting i did not find but anyway

First i wanted to make some changes to camera while using external keyboard. In this case logitech k380.

  1. When Translation (camera) is set to “Shift Alt” it works also without shift. Also it works only outside of mesh silhouette
    When Translation (camera) is set to “Alt Shift” it works also without alt. But if only shift is pressed it works in and outside silhouette.

I would like this to work only when both Shift and Alt are pressed and it should not matter of im over mesh silhouette or not.

  1. Similar problem with Zooming (camera)

When Zooming (camera) is set to “Alt Ctrl” it works also without alt. When Ctrl is pressed it works over and outside silhouette.

additional issue. If another tool is enabled for example masking with Ctrl as shortcut. When “ctrl” or “ctrl+alt” is pressed and stylus is used outside of mesh silhouette it will zoom, but when stylus is used over mesh silhouette it will start masking.

  1. When rotation (camera) is set to “alt” it does nothing. Rotation of camera works only if pen is outside of sihouette and keyboard keys arent pressed.


  1. Smooth when enabled turns on Select tool. When used outside silhouette it works as lasso select, and when used over mesh it works as smooth. Kinda weird and unexpected behavior.

  2. Gizmo, when enabled it works but only while pressed. Imo it should be toggleable.

v1.85 still bugged. Both Android and Webdemo. While holding alt it triggers ctrl+alt and shift+alt even tho i do not press shift and ctrl.

@stephomi any update on this?

Will be fixed.
There is a bug when the last shortcut is a modifier key (the other modifiers getting wrongly ignored)

I’ll keep this behaviour if there is collision with shortcut (with “shift alt” or “alt shift”, it will work fine in your case)

Disable these shortcuts, or make sure to use different shortcuts.

zbrush has different behaviour as well (smooth will do some snap thing).
Hell, simple tap has different behaviour and that’s core of the UX viewport manipulation (sculpt vs move the camera)

You should use “Tool: Gizmo” then.

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