Keyboard issues in 1.78 (android)

Using my connected bt keyboard, it appears Nomad 1.78 doesn’t react to key up events anymore, or only very occasionally:

adjust radius stays stuck in adjust radius mode even after releasing the adj radius hotkey

same for adjust intensity

mask and smooth don’t go back to the original brush when releasing the hotkey

alt(inverse) gets stuck too

Sorry to annoy but I hope it gets fixed, can’t work with Nomad with that bug.

I could reproduce this with 2 different bluetooth keyboards on 3 different android devices.

Yeah I’ll fix it.

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:smiling_face_with_tear:Could you check out my post? :sleepy:

Thanks for the quick fix. works great now and an issue with the mouse wheel binds is been fixed too! (sends its down/up events very fast/was not processed sometimes)

one final :innocent: keyboard binding related thing about the radius adjustment indication circle (small … dont bother if it’s too annoying…)

to repro…

  1. click or touch somewhere in the top right of the viewport

  2. move pencil away from the screen

  3. hold radius adjust hotkey

  4. enter the hover zone in the bottom left of the screen

=> the old “last known cursor position” (top right) will be used for the radius indicator circle which is a bit confusing. i think it would be better if the last known position were updated once when entering the hover zone when radius adjust is active.