Keyboard BUG after the 1.85 update (iOS)

After the 1.85 (Or after?) update, I’m experiencing a very annoying bug that’s getting in the way of my work.

I’ve been using Nomad (iOS) for work for a long time and it’s perfect for me. I use a keyboard to use the shortcuts for a better workflow. But after the update, the tools on the left side of the screen (Subtract, Smooth) are stuck.

Example: I use Shift to smooth, but when this bug happens, it’s like Shift is always pressed. If I press shift, it deactivates smooth (i.e. the function of the button is reversed). The same thing happens with Subtract. When this happens, I click on the icon to return to normal and it returns to normal. But after a few seconds the bug happens again and it reverses the buttons.

This happened before, but it was much rarer. Now it’s happening almost all the time.

As I use the shortcuts quickly, I think it happens when I press more than one button at once, but I don’t know yet.

I’d really like this bug to be fixed because it’s getting in the way of my work time and I really love Nomad. In my opinion it’s much better than Zbrush or Blender (the program I used to work with).

Thank you very much!

It’s not a bug, it toggles on quick tap.
You can change the behaviour in the binding menu at the bottom.
(if it’s not there, wait for next release)