Radius of smooth and mask not remembered when using modifiers

A small issue is happening in “share radius=off mode”, unsure actually if it’s intentional or not but tend to think it’s a bug.

An example: When the user switches from clay to smooth using the toolbar buttons on the right (default layout), the radius changes to the smooth tool’s radius

But when he switches from clay to smooth using the modifier button on the left or using the smooth hotkey, the smooth tool’s radius is replaced by the clay tool’s radius, even with the share radius=off setting.

The same thing happens with mask.

It’s the correct behaviour.

I see, it can make sense to have it on the same radius as the tool.

Maybe it could be improved a bit so the smooth/mask radius change is only temporarily while the modifier is held. So the next time the user woud hit the smooth tool right toolbar button, he would get his original radius back.

This really should be changed. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be better to be able to set different radius on the modifier.

Both make sense depending on personal preference/workflow.

Something that I think would fit all needs is an addition to the top bar smooth settings menu like this:

*Modifier Radius settings*

[x] use active tool radius
     ---->  radius factor: [1.0]

[ ] use smooth tool radius

When they’re set like above it would be identical to the current behavior (using the active tool e.g. clay brush) radius with a multiplier of 1.0. Having a custom factor here makes sense, sometimes the area that needs to be smoothed has to be a bit larger than the tool radius for example.

With the second option it can be switched to using the internal radius when using smooth as a modifier (shift).

When instead selecting the smooth tool using the toolbar button, the smooth/mask tool’s internal radius is always used, like it is happening now - except that the tool’s radius would not be overwritten by using it as a modifier when the first option is on.

For clones of the smooth brush the “Modifier Radius settings” menu would not be there because the clones can’t be used as modifiers.

(everything similarly for the mask settings menu)

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I’ve run into this problem too. I didn’t really understand why the mask brush kept changing size - but this thread has helped. I agree that depending on what you are doing both behaviours could be beneficial. I would certainly be in favour of an option in the settings that would let us choose whether the size of these brushes stays constant to not

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