Radius of smooth and mask not remembered when using modifiers

A small issue is happening in “share radius=off mode”, unsure actually if it’s intentional or not but tend to think it’s a bug.

An example: When the user switches from clay to smooth using the toolbar buttons on the right (default layout), the radius changes to the smooth tool’s radius

But when he switches from clay to smooth using the modifier button on the left or using the smooth hotkey, the smooth tool’s radius is replaced by the clay tool’s radius, even with the share radius=off setting.

The same thing happens with mask.

It’s the correct behaviour.

I see, it can make sense to have it on the same radius as the tool.

Maybe it could be improved a bit so the smooth/mask radius change is only temporarily while the modifier is held. So the next time the user woud hit the smooth tool right toolbar button, he would get his original radius back.