Removing non manifold edges or single pixel layers with a stronger smoothing tool

I use dynamic typology when adding and removing clay. Which often can create thin pixel layers that are hard to remove. I used to use the smoothing tool to remove minor thin layers or edges. But lately I am unable to remove it. The smoothing tool is too weak at times. And the figure itself is in the way to use the crop tool.
Of course one can use re-mesh. But that will remove details.
So would love to see an option to increase the intensity of the smooth tool to remove those edges. Or a another specific tool for it.
Can’t see an option to upload screenshot. Sadly

Well if you are on IOS the new Quad Remesher plugin (15 bucks purchase) might be able to help you. It allows you to control the remeshing and thus preserving detail where needed.

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Will take a closer look at Quad Remesher. But it may be a too much of a work around. As it is something I have to fix during my sculpting. Without losing the flow. So to speak. Still might be useful. Appreciated.

I’m sure you know this already, but the smooth tool strength just keeps going higher (far above 100%). Maybe your strength setting got put back to 100% with a recent update? Worth checking. It worked for me once before I realised the strength was limitless!

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No I actually missed that. This might save me a lot of time. :grinning:
Always had trouble with those pesky edges. When removing and adding clay fast.
Thanks for helping out.