Ray Tracing

How feasible is the notion of adding ray tracing to Nomad? Some of the latest bleeding-edge SoCs now have hardware-accelerated real-time ray tracing, like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and the MediaTek Dimensity 9200.

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Well I know it’s not the same but wouldn’t ray-tracing ultimately be applied to models that need it, like those rigged and used in Unity?

Of course you would do that, but it would be nice to be able to apply ray tracing whenever you want, right on your mobile device, without the need for a computer.
Zbrush has ray-traced ambient occlusion.


Already added in test version - from the lag in the video it seems to be too heavy for the device, so won’t be making it into real version. But it’s possible.

What device was used for testing? Was the testing only utilizing the CPU or was it using a cutting-edge GPU with ray tracing hardware?

I presume iPad but may have been on Stephane’s desktop version.

If it was an iPad then no ray tracing hardware until later this year maybe.

If it is indeed possible for Nomad to utilize these new GPUs for ray tracing/path tracing calculations, then I’m pretty sure the performance improvement would be night and day. Cool stuff!

Path tracing is already on the ipad M1 / M2 in the new Octane X renderer. Stephane’s version uses a github repo called YoctoGL.

Oh okay cool. I see here that Octane X just launched on iPad Pro M1/M2 six days ago. Huh. I guess I picked exactly the right (or wrong?) time to ask about this. :joy: Well I suppose this needs time to develop like anything else. It currently seems to be using GPGPU which is all well and good. However, harnessing the dedicated ray tracing logic in these new cutting-edge GPUs would really speed things up, methinks. Everything in its proper time, though.

Really want to see Ray Tracing in Nomad. I hope @stephomi add this (Maybe in TestFlight? version really want to test it).
Octane is cool but, painful to use on Ipad (Crash every time and UI is so…unfriednly)
if we have Ray Tracing in Nomad - we don’t need Octane on Ipad anymore
One app - one way!