Is anyone using octane x on iPad in 2024?

There were a few discussions on this forum when octane x first came to iPad, but those are mostly 1 or more years old now. I was wondering if anyone is regularly using octane on iPad (I have M1 iPad so I’m most interested in what is possible with that)
On the App Store octane x has literally only 1 rating, which seems bizarre. It suggests that basically no one is using it on iPad.
I realise that iPads are not ideal for rendering, and I certainly don’t want to fry mine doing anything too heavy, but at the moment my iPad is the most powerful device I have so I am interested in using it if possible.
I would be interested to hear anyone experiences, good or bad, even on M2 iPads.

Maybe try the Cleo3D beta.

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Thanks, I’ll look into it. Have you tried Octane? Everything I read on Reddit etc is people having lots of problems with it, or it just not working at all.

You have to have studied to use Octane … :joy:

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I did a few test renders a few months ago, seemed to be ok if a bit user unfriendly; like a port of a desktop mac build to ios that was done because they could, not because they should.

Tried it again just now, the experience isn’t great. Bringing in a model is ok, but the UI hangs when I go to assign a texture in a material. Can easily make it hang with other seemingly simple changes, the UI is still overly complicated for a small ipad screen… its unpleasant all round.

Clo3d looks more designed for ios, but don’t forget how awesome nomad’s renderer is, its incredibly capable and super fast.

Maybe when Stephane finishes his current round of work, we can pester him to enable the pathtracer mode he had as an internal experiment a while back… :slight_smile:


Thanks, that’s really helpful feedback. I think for now I won’t bother trying to learn octane. Whenever I investigate other 3d software it brings home how great nomad’s UI is!

Truthfully, nomads rendering engine is really the best out of all three so far. Cleo has a loooooong way to go .before it’s ready for prime time but it looks like it will be better in usability . Octane is just another world …and method that is to complex for iPad usability.

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Is it that bad even for iPad 11 or 12.9? This is definitely the only app outside of Nomad Sculpt that would justify the M1/M2 by pushing it full throttle.

Ive also seen it works on iPads that dont have the M1/M2 or maybe its “not supported” in which is a passive way of them stating its not requemended but works.

Godot 4 is a Game Engine but it has a sophisticated render engine that has SDFGI and from my understanding a variant of Ray Tracing that bakes the lighting on models. You need at least a Snapdragon 8 Gen1 or M1 to get it to work.

There is Light Tracer Render that uses a web browser but they are working on an application and/or better web version for tablets that also requires at least a Samsung 8 Gen1 or Apple M1

Lastly, there is Sketchfabs Labs that you can record image sequence (PNG) animations or compressed video. The rendering is similar, if not the same as Nomad Sculpt. Its web based but not annoying, at least not on my Samsung Tab S8.