Nomad -> Octane Render Bridge

Nomad to Octane bridge will let you render your Nomad scene on a desktop using Octane. You can see your rendered scene on your desktop’s monitor or even directly on the tablet if you use a remote desktop app like Anydesk

I’m using Android/Windows, but it should be possible do the same on IOS/OSX. This is pretty experimental of course so I’d be interested to hear how it works out for others!

To set it up:

  • Sign up for an Otoy account, download and install the free Blender Octane Editition: OTOY Account
  • Export the Nomad scene using the glTF format
    (Note if you have a camera save named “View” Blender will use that)
  • Install an ftp server on your tablet (I used the free X-Plore from the Play Store) and set it up so it shares the folder where the glTF file was exported to. Make sure the desktop and the tablet are in the same WiFi Net
  • Download this blender scene octane_nomad_r4.blend - Google Drive
  • Open the scene in Blender Octane Editition
  • Enter the ftp login data and the path to your Nomad file and press “Login”

  • The ftp folder will be watched - when you export to the same glb file again, the render will update automatically until you press “Logout”

I’ll update this thread with videos/pictures if I have some more time

"release notes"

blender scene r1:
* convert textures and vertex colors (albedo, metallic and roughness) 
* convert cameras
* convert lights (intensity and color, lights get converted into area lights)
* convert lighting and reflection environment: intensity and rotation
* viewport background color
* NO transparency supported yet
* watches ftp folder on tablet for changes and updates automatically

blender scene r2:
* light intensity bug fix
* light global switch imported
* ftp watch bug fix
* shadow_softness imported

blender scene r3:
* convert transparent & subsurface material
* convert spot light and point light (octane has no infinite lights)
* convert smooth/flat shading

blender scene r4:
* works with newer octane versions (converts attributes from face corner to vertex)
* vertex color gamma correction removed 

Really great idea. As soon as I can, I try thx

Thanks! Let me know if you run into anything. Btw if you’re using OSX I would suggest to wait for the next Blender for Octane release, they seem to be fixing some vertex color issues at the moment.

Hi, I’m just trying to learn here - why would you render on another device?

Nomad’s renderer is really good, but it’s limited by being a realtime renderer which means it’s using fast but not very precise methods for rendering.

These external desktop renderers like Octane actually trace millions of light rays so they simulate how real light behaves which results in renders wich are still fake of course, but closer to the real thing. So you get better shadow quality, better indirect lighting, and things like caustic highlights (it also takes a lot more time to get a render!)


Ah, interesting! Thanks :smile:

Anyone know if there is a way to import Nomad glTF into the iPad version of octane (I’m trying to get vertex colour working there)

No idea but the latest octane releases (at least for blender) accept only vertex color attributes, not face corner color attributes anymore, maybe that is the issue @Jim_Kalogiratos

I’ve updated the scene so it works with the latest blender versions (In blender you can convert the attribute type)

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