OctaneX / iPad Air M2

Just a heads up: I just upgraded to the new iPad Air M2 and thus far the Pencil Pro has been annoying because of its pressure/squeeze is really sensitive. To no surprise, Apple doesn’t allow the Pencil 2 for the new iPad Air and the Pencil Pro still isn’t supported for Procreate even though they demonstrated it during the Apple event.

Also, OctaneX is still a bit tedious but it works. I’ve been using Stage Manager and OctaneX in order to avoid needing Blender. I like having the different rendering options for when Path Tracing isn’t necessary. But, you really so need at least 8GB of RAM. They might not officially state it but I’m sure it’s will still work with the iPads using the A12Z and A14. It’s will just be slower at rendering and might crash if your model isn’t optimized at lower mesh resolution due to RAM.

Since it wasn’t mentioned in the post and in case you didn’t come across it, there’s a sensitivity slider in the Apple Pencil settings

I do find that the haptic feedback in the Pencil Pro to be a game-changer. It’s the missing component that makes double-tap in Nomad a genuinely useful feature rather than an inadvertent surprise tool-changer. :rofl:

Run Laci’s Octane performance test (post 27) & see how the M2 compares:

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