Octane X on ipad Whaou

I don’t know if you watched the apple news for the ipad pro but this is really crazy. davinci resolve and Octane X app are coming to ipad, so with nomad, cozyblanket, it’s the most powerful “tablet” computer on the market, with almost no limit of creation. if nomad improves its pbr renderer with the addition of normal map and so on and we have a renderer like octane so here’s the news it’s just incredible.


I didn’t’ try watch it. Did they announce new iPad Pro?

Meet the all-new iPad and iPad Pro | Apple - YouTube


Not my proudest fap, not gonna lie :grin: !!!


I’m sorry, if this is a dumb question but…what ist Octane X for? How will you implement it in your worklfow with Nomad? Haven’t used a renderer ever…

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only for ipad pro with M2 apparently ? I don’t know these two softwares but if I understood correctly Octane X is a bit like a keyshot? and Davinci resolve is After Effects?

Edit : 2349€ to have 16gb of ram. It stings lol!

Yeah, you’re right! It’s a shame, that only the big versions of the iPad habe 16 GB.
RAM is one of the cheapest components right now…damn apple!

BUT, there is not really an improvement in the new iPad (if you own a Pro from 2021).
The M1 Chip ist still powerful enough, to deal with the apps fpor the next 2-3 years i think.

Octane render - is best realistic render for proffesional artist on PC/MAC. It is really intersting to test this render on Ipad.

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These are very cool news!

Even Most powerful tablet needs to be proved though.
It’s always fun to hear Apple iPad fanboys being super cheerful to get a 50% of what others already have for a long time.

Biggest Microsoft surface studio always hybrid tablet-laptop has access to all Windows apps since ages and can run anything without the need of developers transfer their soft to OS. And it has the option to be turned into a really powerful laptop.
32GB RAM and access to a real RTX GPU with all it’s advantages.

If it is fun to use a zBrush, After Effects, 3ds max whatever desktop interface on 14” tablet is a different story.
If performance is same optimised as on iPad Pro?
All this is the question.
Apples strength is to have some software, like Final Cut being highly optimised for Mac and super quick. Just wonder why this is not coming to iPad Pro. Already 6 years ago, I worked with some guys together. They had a 10000€ Mac Pro tin with them for mobile use.
Always avoid anything like Final Cut Pro internal tools, use cinema 4D or After Effects only when you are forced to it, and there is no way around and you can render 1 min 4k in 1minute.
Worked very nicely and impressed me a lot.
This was before Unreal entered the field.

Knacki if you think I’m an apple fanboy you’re wrong, I’ve been doing 3d for over 20 years, studies and hobby, and I have an ipad for 3 years my only apple product besides. I’ve been using the ipad for over 20 years, both as a study and as a hobby, and I’ve only had an ipad for 3 years, my only apple product, and I can tell you that the current hardware and software technology on the ipad far surpasses any other tablet, or even ultra-laptop, in terms of ergonomics. I’ve been lucky enough to work on top of the line PC fix, laptop, and what I can do on my ipad pro is simply amazing especially with such a comfort and time to work on several million poly (thank you Nomadsculpt) so yes if a real physically correct rendering engine comes on ipad I’m thrilled of course, because these techno linked to the right tool makes the task tasty. :peace_symbol: :vulcan_salute:

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Never mind :laughing:
Yeah, this iPad stuff simply works very well.
No doubt.
Even my old iPad Pro 10,5” is rendering reasonable fast with Lumafusion and I really do love the size. There is nothing faster in 11” range, that is really true.
Nothing can beat the convenience bind with performance.
We’ll see.
Everything is cooked hotter than eaten though.

Rendering on iPad sounds ridiculous especially physically correct, which in 99% of the cases is overkill and slow as hell. And as i read the comments people aren’t exactly happy.

DaVinci Resolve is a high-end color grading sotware ment to be used on two or more big screens so it looks very unrealistic profesionals to ditch their dual 32" worksation setups for relatively tiny iPad.

So all this sounds to me more like a cheap PR than a real working/good solution.

So I will once again make myself the devil’s advocate, I invite you to read this article Otoy Introduces Render Token (RNDR) for Affordable Light-field Rendering and More , the rendering should also be done by a “renderfarm” type system and honestly octanex, redshift already works on m1 as well as cycle and eeve nice pbr render. After yes it will not be adapted to the simple ipad or even the ipad with less than 16GB of ram but for me it is quite promising. This will push devs not to do over-layers what they have been doing for years but to optimize their software.

And for davinci the problem will be solved as soon as ipad os 16 comes out, since it will allow you to connect any 4k screen, again of course only the ipad pro will have the performance required for a use, fluid I think.

Anyway as far as I’m concerned, I have a lot of trouble going back to my PC even laptop unfortunately sometimes I’m forced to do so especially for animation, fabrics, fx and “render” so if I can skip a new step « render » in my bed I don’t say no. :peace_symbol: :crossed_fingers: :v: :crossed_fingers:

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Jim, I don’t know your professional background, but i’ve been rendering all kind of stuff since1998 and i’ve used Scanline, Mental Ray, Brazil, Maxwell, Redshift, Arnold and V-Ray. What matters for rendering are 3 factors - powerfull CPU/GPU, great cooling and a lot of RAM. Even if the latest Apple chips are highly capable you will have to cool them effectively which is obviously not possible in tablet form factor. Next problem you’ll have will be the battery drainage unless you bring a ton of external batteries or plug to power socket. Either way you can say bye-bye to mobility. And finally rendering a relatively complex scene with less than 32GB of RAM will be impossible - I’m with 64 Gigs and have to lower setting in order to render a 5K image. Confortable amount of RAM is between 64 and 128 Gigs, especially if you are using compositing software which will eat all your RAM quite fast. Obviously huge bottleneck for the iPad.

Render farm / cloud rendering is no problem even for my 7 years old surface tablet as it’s only task is to upload the assets to the cloud and the all the calculation are done “outside” your device.

Having a 4K monitor for DaVinci will be ok, but what about a second monitor? I guess it won’t be soon.

And finally the price tag is insane. For that money you can buy 16 core worstation with lots of RAM, which will increase you productivity tremendously, so you can have more time for Nomad fun in your bed. :slight_smile:

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I see that I’m not the only dinosaur here, it’s fun. I am like you well aware of all it’s restriction, just for your information, I had several bi xeon with minimum 64GB of ram I was up to 192GB about fifteen years ago for archi rendering and several quadro when the very first gpu engine came out. Either mounted by myself, or at the time 2 hp z800 that still runs by the way, and like you, I did scanline with fake gi, brazil, mr, maxwell, vray etc since I started hacking in 3d with 3D Studio MAX R2 and did my studies on Discreet 3dsmax 4 and all the technical trala that only dinos And we have the same opinion on the current capabilities of ipads. But what I can tell you is that given what we can do today with a “pro” ipad I don’t think it’s impossible to have a rendering with octane X that also uses cpu /gpu and optimize metal so m1, at least on scenes not too complex it’s either, but honestly a character or a design object there is no problem yet to keep all We agree that the ipad will always be a first sketch object, for complex scenes, just by its size. But a character designer, a designer will be able to largely present a finished product to their customers with an ipad if this type of rendering and the pbr continues to develop on this platform. Maybe I’m too optimistic but precisely my past learning shows me every day since 4 or 5 that the 3d has become accessible and is no longer reserved for a bunch of neerds that we were fierce in technique as much software as hardware, so yes I am more optimistic than the objective can be.

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So if you create a character on you workstation you’ll export and send it to the ipad for rendering? What’s the point?

As for presenting my work to clients I usually use the 60 inch tv in the ofiice. Works great. If I have to present a character on the ipad I’d use prerendered and graded animation or still images. Even better - realtine interactive presentation in Nomad. So I still can’t see how rendering on the ipad would improve my work, but maybe that’s just me and I’m missing something…

Clearly octane ipad isn’t made for those who create on the iPad, in my opinion.
So I guess it’s more in the scenario of “client presentation” or “offsite work/devlook” (movie industry maybe?).

It’s not clear how much is done on the cloud vs locally. They showcased a star wars clip, and I doubt they decimated/downscale the hell out of it only for iPad’s sake, so probably heavily cloud-based.

Anyway it’ll be available in less than a month, so we’ll see!


Genko3d & stephomi. It’s not because we can’t imagine how it can work that it can’t work and I trust the creative spirit of artists and developers to know how to set up and what to do with these advances. the proof is that noamdsculpt, but also many other software like shapr, lumion, procreate the affinity suite etc etc… exist not to mention

Creativity has only limits that imposed on it by its creator.

We could debate at length but as stephomi says there is some information on how it will work so we have to wait.

In any case, I remain optimistic, and appreciate each new techo like a 14-year-old geek teenager from the top of my 41


I’m just looking forward to melting my iPad as it throttles and begs for life. There’s no amount of optimization that can locally overcome the limitations of this type of rendering when even Genshin impact grinds my m1 to a halt; they seem to be going freemium with the catch being cloud compute through RNDR being payment gated. So many will quickly realize that the iPad throttles hard when pushing really intensive tasks like any other pro machine and pay up for the cloud compute solution. I do everything on my iPad locally and have crashed it many times pushing it doing art work, so it will be interesting to see how this all goes. I’m excited for the direction but also sad that it’s been taking so long to see the “pro” materialize in certain regards.


Jim, you’re missing my point - I’m not talkin about about creativity limitations, but PHYSICAL limitations like heat dissipation, power drain and RAM usage. There’s no creative spirit that could overcome those limitations.

Optimism is nice, but realism is better. :wink:

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