OctaneX - new GPU pathtrace renderer app

Hey all, file under: general tech chat.

Saw this suggested in my Chrome feed. Requires IOS16.

Claims to be world’s first pathtrace renderer for iOS.

Requires iOS16, for whatever reason. Will run on older iPads (min req. A12 CPU) I believe.

Matt be willing to give it a go ? (It’s free), but I’d need to up from iOS15 to 16 firstly.

Anyone out there with iOS16, M1 or M2 iPad rolling to give it a shot?

Looks interesting:

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Yea I’ve tested it in my m1 12.9 pro, works surprisingly well. I’ve only rested the demo files. The octane x benchmark file completed in 55 seconds. It does what ut says, full path tracing. Will make your iPad nice and warm in no time though

Cool. It’s so brand new I don’t think there’s many examples out there yet… would you care to demo anything you’ve rendered out?

Nobody working with this stuff?