Randomisation option for object placement on surfaces, arrays and repeaters

I think it would give great artistic possibilities if we could randomly distribute objects on surfaces and existing repeaters/curves. Along with scale xyz, position and rotation randomizers.

With this you can recreate many organic things which have slight variations in them very fast like flowers/petals, grass, tree branches. But also imperfect layering of brick pavement or roof tiles. Giving it much more character and a natural look. The possibilities are endless! Befitting of such a great app as Nomad :grin:

The options could look like this

Distribute amount
Random offset min[0] max [100]
Random width min [0] max [100]
Random height min [0] max [100]
Random rotation x min [0] max [360]
Random rotation y min [0] max [360]
Random rotation z min [0] max [360]

Bonus would be that the objects dont intersect when spreading :slight_smile:


Why not use the Randomize stroke option?

Using it with various alphas, brushes, stamps, etc. can give a lot of random surface texture.

For surface texture yes. But for objects to be generated from that you are constrained to the size of the surface you put the alpha on as far as I know. And it has limitations regarding overhanging I think.

For example randomly distributing big leaves on a small long trunk/branch with seperating/split branches. Populating a area with big/small rotated(for variance) rocks.