Feature Request = Randomizer

Create a model with another smaller model placed all around the surface (bumps / rock / thorns / teeth) in a random and more realistic way.

Would it be possible to have a randomizer that would let you select multiple items and apply random rotation and / or random scale and maybe random placement for each?

-Placement = move distance for each axis (adjustable distance for each axis) X, Y and Z.

I think it’s the same question as Custom Brush from imported mesh

Like the Zbrush IMM then.
MM tools are usually very low poly, otherwise the memory would just go crazy.
Also I’m not an artist and making all these props would take forever so that’s another issue.

Maybe in the future but I have a million other things to do first.
I tend to think IMM tools are great for hardsurface, and I would rather develop tools to develop base hardsurface rather than “polishing/detailing” hardsurface tools.

As for randomizer, something that I could add is a stroke option to randomize the alpha orientation, or something similar to zbrush “spray” stroke that spawns random stroke. But not sure it’s really high priority.

This wouldn’t be for the brush tool.
It would taking an mesh / hard surface and changing that randomly based on user’s input.

It could be an animal with a lot of eyes.
Randomly place the eyes all over pointing in random directions.

There is 2 things:

  • the random uniform positioning
  • inserting mesh

These 2 things are independant for me.
I could do the global randomizer, but for alphas only.

But right now inserting meshes raise too many questions, mostly about polycount (except if I provide myself low poly object).

What I was thinking was this.

User makes a large sphere in Nomad.
User makes a square in nomad and the makes multiple copies of that square.
User selects all of the squares and goes to the Randomizer tool so he can get the squares randomly placed on and around the spehere.

I’m not saying have the square stick to the surface (that would be great though) but let the user get the squares placed randomly around an area.

This feature was meant as a new feature and not what I had asked about earlier.