About the new repeaters

The new repeaters are really great and I’m having a lot of fun with them. But there are some things I miss. I have played around in Dreams (Playstation4) for a while, which is where I know some of the functionality from (I’m sure it’s in other 3D programs as well).

  1. Array modifier
    Currently the array modifier starts at the original object and adds new instances after the selected offset. In Dreams there is also the option to place the first instance somewhere and then fill the gap with an array of instances. Each new instance is being placed half way in between 2 existing instances. What makes this version really cool is the fact, that the first instance (the end of the array) can be scaled and/or rotated and Dreams will scale/rotate the generated instances accordingly. This way it is really easy to create arrays of objects that start large and end small (and vice versa). I don’t know the least bit of how Nomad works internally, but I imagine the difference between extending an array and filling an array could be achieved by using the offset slider in the positive or negative direction (going left after 1 will follow a -1 which means that Nomad starts filling the space between an object and it’s first instance with more instances.
    Also by rotating the first and/or the last instance Dreams will create a curve along which the new instances will by placed. Which brings me to the curve modifier.

  2. Curve Modifier
    Currently each instance in the curve array has the same rotation as the original object. It’s just the positioning the follows the curve. Will there be an option in the future that makes the instance’s orientation follow the curve? Best example here would be a chain.

Keep up the great work. With the new features you just pushed Nomad on a whole new level. :slight_smile:


2 is planned, has actually been requested multiple time.

For 1 maybe but I can’t for sure

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Yessss! Thank you so much! I love nomad and am in a lot of situations where these features are almost a necessity(a lot of architectural elements). So glad to hear that the second one is being worked on! I was looking for the rotation option just now on a project I am doing modeling a bridge. The other features would also be amazing. I am also someone coming from using dreams, but was distraught at the inability to export my work. Nomad is an amazing app!