About a new curve feature

I want to request this before the release of new version of Nomad, if it can. So, i want a setting/feture that allow to follow a curve i made; something like stitches. because in the picture shown bellow, it follow the path but not the direction. if you get me, i hope you get me.:upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::sweat_smile:

is it already there or am i missing it?

Amazed enough to find there’s a curve array feature now, :clap: I couldn’t find an align object setting either.

It would the make most sense in combination with a switch to pick between an upvector dummy object/upvector global direction.

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I think that will added before release.

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Hopefully :pray:

Nothing is confirmed.
Plans are even more nice than your request.
No one knows if it will make to next update, but when it comes, it will be great!

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Just to add i think you should add snap feature for curve if that feature is already there, then thats good

Had another feature idea :face_with_peeking_eye: Something which would be in addition to the path align feature could be something like this (mockup screenshot):

One of the objects is transformed and the rotation of the others gets interpolated between the first and the last transformed one


Something like β€œplanetary rotation”?

Yes somethig similar, see Slerp - Wikipedia

the r parameter would be = the position of the object on the curve (between 0 and 1)

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