Adding points to curves + Snapping when creating paths

Hi, I’m not sure if I’m the only one at least slightly bothered by this, but I’m a little annoyed about how Nomad handles point insertion in curves. This is not some gamebreaker - more a little nuisance and it hits me everytime I try to create a straight curve (using the path mode).
As soon as I tap on the curve Nomad inserts the new point and in 9 out of 10 cases it already moves the point to where I tapped, because I did not hit the line a 100%. Or maybe it moves the point, because I didn’t do a 100% clean tap but added a slight movement as well. Long story short - my straight curve is now gone and I have to fiddle around with the points in order to straighten it out again.

Would it be possible to change adding points in a way that the first input simply creates a point with all forms of displacement disabled?

And while we are at it: Would it be possible to add something like a snap function when creating paths so that the user can make paths that are 100% horizontal or 100% vertical (or whatever granularity the snap value is set to)?

  • 1 yes, I agree on all points.

Agreed, some form of Shift/Alt button to press/hold (or procreate square button) to alter functions - I know the smooth button serves this function in some instances but it’s not obvious or customisable (that I’m aware)

I am uncertain. Inserting points is super quick and easy. With some issues. But what would be a good alternative?
I would like to see merging off as an advanced option, as this annoys me most.
The rest….snapping makes really sense to me.
Snapping to grid, snapping to vertice.

Creating straight lines, this is most difficult.
In other apps there are modes where you just tap to create polygon style lines, and you can combine it with press and drag to draw free curved lines.
But this collides with Nomads general haptic.

Some quick shape stuff like in infinite painter (Procreate is crap compared) as screen projection strokes would be enough for lots of painting tasks I would say.
Sure, if one could draw a path on 3D object and execute sculpt action along this path later, it can be useful. Will it be used that often?
Still, I think path & lasso etc. would nice to be accessible for any tool.