Question about slider behavior: stroke spacing

Some sliders seem to be weighted to have finer control on the low end scale (which is fine), except it’s very fiddly for stroke spacing control on the top end where i find i’m using it most (50-100 is like…10 pixels?)

And speaking of, I would love the ability to go past 100%

It looks like you found one slider where Fine step control is missing.
All other sliders in stroke menu can be fine controlled by moving finger away from slider while sliding :smiley:
I guess it is simply overseen to implement there.
All sliders in Nomad should have this fine control.

Beside Stroke Spacing it is missing in:

-Angle snapping degree slider for Gizmo.
-Matcap and Environment Rotation in shader menu.
-Rotation in Background image
-Fov in camera menu

Can‘t tell if it‘s done by intention.

Yes for now integer slider don’t support the fine control support.
Maybe I’ll add it at some point.