Quadriflow Quadremesh simmetry help

Hello everybody, is there a way to have quadriflow or quad Remesher to create a simmetrical mesh?


I don’t know if it creates perfect symmetry, but have you tried the Mirror tool?

@RogerRoger yeah,
Mirroring creates these problems

Ok I know it’s been quite a while since this post was made, but I’ve recently been working with quadriflow and have had the same issue and discovered a solution for you. Use the trim tool to cut the object you want to remesh in half (use the symmetry line guide u can turn it on in the symmetry menu). Now, remesh your object with quadriflow and once an acceptable outcome is achieved, then you can mirror it!

Hope that helps.

(Edit: this also helps quadriflow run better ive realized)

(Edit #2: ensure that you have ‘keep boundaries’ turned on in quadriflow settings)

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