Instant remesh respecting symmetry

This is a feature request from a android user… As of now I don’t think that the quad remesher is going to be available for Android platform in the near future… That’s the reason why I would like to have an option with the instant remesh to respect symmetry.

Instant mesh and quadriflow are dead end.

Thanks for the response…
Anyways are there any workarounds regarding this…?


I do have one option for you if you want a quadriflow or instant mesh that respects symmetry. First make sure you select the ‘show line’ option in symmetry settings, then cut your model in half using the trim tool before you remesh it, and then finally, use the mirroring tool to mirror it and you should have a symmetrical mesh.

This is how I have been using the instant remesh feature until now… But most of the time it has a tendency to create triangles at the mirror origin…

I would suggest using quadriflow instead if you can: enable it under the experimental section and if it crashes try to lower the poly count of your model by decimating it first.

Edit: it’s also important to trim before you remesh. Just mirroring will not give a clean result