Will Quad Remesher come to Android versions in future updates?

Does anyone know if Quad Remesher will be IOS only forever or if it will come to Android in future updates but if not why?

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Stephane has already stated that it most likely won’t
Screenshot 2024-04-06 080552


  • Exoside hasn’t ported the algorithm to Android yet https://exoside.com/
  • even then, the market might not be there
  • maybe security issue? And Android is a mess with all the supported platform (Chromebook, desktop, emulator, etc)

I can’t wait to give my money for the plugin. The market is here​:sweat_smile::+1:
Was excited to hear about the in app purchase in that it was a way to further support Stéphane’s endeavors. Is there a way to donate to the Nomad Sculpt (on android) cause?

The market is there, but only for IOS.

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It´s a shame considering that for phones some android devices are a lot better for working with nomad than any iPhone because they include a sensitive pressure stylus like s23 ultra, and others has a bigger screen like folding phones.

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It’s appearing on my s23 Ultra now? I’m not sure why it’s appearing right now? I can’t purchase by the looks of things been clicking on it. Please not let this be a rub salt on the wound :frowning:

Argh it’s an issue, update is on the way anyway.


Good job

I will not create a new topic, I will ask here.

Will there be Face Group support for QuadriFlow (instant) or is it not possible to implement it (for the android version)?


To my knowledge development for Quadriflow and instant mesh are long done - and nothing related to facegroup was ever intended.

Quadwild might come one day available in blender (Retopology: Min-Deviation-Flow in Bi-directed Graphs for T-Mesh Quantization - #5 by LazyDodo - Contributing to Blender - Developer Forum) hence will be opensource. In the post you will also find the limitations about Quadriflow, and the motivation for Quadwild. But also that Quadwild’s Blender integration is only in consideration phase, no info if still considered at all.
Frankly, the future will tell. First, the new algorithms has to show what it’s capable of. Second, it has to be implemented and published. And finally Stephane has to decide if it’s worth the effort to port it to Nomad.

Side node: Quadwild project is alive (GitHub - cgg-bern/quadwild-bimdf: QuadWild extended with BiMDF solver), but the remesher is only one side. Line guides, facegroup-support, etc. That’s another story and whats the first link is about.

I personally would not bet on it. But maybe Exocite decides one day to port their code to the Android world. The best solution if you ask me - but that’s out of Stephane’s control.

Back to your question: no facegroup for Instant Mesh or Quadriflow feasible.

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