Preview thumbnails for the files

Is there a way to generate preview thumbnails to see something in the file app ? IOS

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That’s not what I get?

Update: I managed to get that to happen by pressing ‘add to scene’ enough times, but it seems arbitrary. Doesn’t do it on a fresh boot for me and I have trouble replicating it, but it does happen. It seems like a minor bug.

No preview here on iPad Pro 10,5”

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Well this is confusing, Holger and myself are on iOS15 - did you update to 15, or choose 14.8? It might not make any difference, but it’s good to know what versions were all running.

Sure, IOS 15

I’m baffled my friend. I only had the non previews once, nigh on every time it opens with them.

On load and “add to scene” via top menu, I am in Nomad internal preview system working with thumbs.
With “add to scene” via import like in Holger’s example, I am in file menu style - no thumbnails.

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Ahh, I see what you mean now - yes. Now it matches up, no previews. Thank you my friend.

It could be to do with iOS itself, adding to scene from project only accesses that specific nomad scene folder, the other allows you to route through iOS stored files, perhaps it’s something to do with accessing the directory this way versus the other. Or how Nomad is handling that access.

One is Nomad controlled, the other by IOS file system wich does not support Nomad files preview. I am quite sure this could be only solved by Apple.

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Pretty much narrowing in on the same thoughts by this example.