Couple of maintenace questions

First one is I deleted a bunch of old projects but when I go to open a file all the old thumbnails are still there cluttering up my search for the right file. Couldn’t find the folder with the old images on my iPad. Any suggestions? Also is there a list view option for opening files instead of using thumbnails?

Second Nomad keeps reverting to default lazy rope settings at 10 percent after I set them at zero? The crawling little tails following my pen strokes is really distracting and I want them gone by default if possible. Thanks for the great program!

Did you delete from inside nomad or from file?
You can go to nomad file → data → project there where the thumbnail is store.
Or you could try restasr your iPad

So far nope. Maybe in future.

Double tap the tools you want, it will pop up menu, and you can save it to replace default tools.

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Sorry for the late reply. Life intruded! Thanks for info on settings. I found the project files and deleted them and the thumbnails are gone after restarting the Ipad. Much appreciate the help!

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