Post process

Might be missing something but it does this in all the files of this project I’ve saved but not in other projects. Hard to explain. I’ve played with post process before with no issue but, went to do it today and then this happened.

It looks like the curvature post process is enabled to me (the last one in the list)

Yes, you are right. Thank you

Yes the previous implementation was broken and I fixed it.
You can reduce the intensity (alpha slider for the 2 colors).

Correct me if I am wrong but the brush sliders use to be able to accept numerical if you tapped the number while sliding correct? It doesn’t seem to do that anymore.

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It should work.
What is your device and is it happening with every sliders?

2020 iPad Pro nor does it do it on my iPhone XR. Both are up to date.

Ah no the brush slider never accepted manual inputs.