Beta 1.71(9) post process colour grade bug

Tapping colour grade in the post process has a glitch on the menu and scene…

Thought I’d check it on my iPad Pro. Not getting any issues here.

Haven’t had chance to thoroughly test it as I’ve had to put iPad on charge, maybe it’s due to a combination of settings

Just went through the update for the OS on the iPad. Tested again to see if that could have had anything to do with it. Went through all of the post process checks again (even turned them all on at the same time). At least for my hardware, everything seems to be working.

Are red, green and blue curves reset as well?

I’ll display the unselected curve on the main widget to avoid confusion.

Resetting whilst in spline mode got it, thanks. Freaked me out for a while there because all the text and checkboxes were invisible :flushed: