PoseIt exports getting mirrored when importing into Nomad

I’m quite new to 3d sculpting but trying to learn and loving Nomad

I bought the Pro version of PoseIt mostly for use as a drawing reference, but I wanted to try the export/import.

However, my simple “guy waving with his right hand” when exported from PoseIt and imported to Nomad turns into a “guy waving his left hand”; completely mirrored!

Anyone else experiencing this?

Just confirmed and you are correct, it’s coming in mirrored.

NOTE: this IS NOT a Nomad issue. This is a PoseIt issue. When pulling the same model into other 3D programs, the model is mirrored as well. Looks like PoseIt is exporting them mirrored.

Thanks for confirming. Nomad is the only 3D tool I have so I couldn’t check if it was Nomad or PoseIt.

Hopefully the PoseIt developer will fix this in an update!

You can mirror the object back again.
Select all objects of your Poseit figure → Gizmo Matrix → uniform scale OFF → new X- value -1
Ok - then the object should be mirrored again.
Then press BAKE in the matrix.

Here is a Pose Mesh for Nomad Sculpt + Video: Free Base Mesh (Version 3.0 - 4.11.2022) - posable - Heads - Weapons- male/female - symmetrical sculptable in pose

Thanks! I can almost get this to work.

When I select all parts of my figure, the Gizmo menu doesn’t show the Matrix options. Instead there’s a message “Multiple objects are selected…”

If I Join (or, Voxel Merge), first, I get the Matrix options and I can mirror the figure back the way I posed it in PoseIt.

However, now it’s one big object.

I’m not sure what I did, but once when I was trying this I was able to separate the joined figure back into its components. But, I’m not sure how I did it and haven’t been able to duplicate it!

For separating all parts:
Click on the 3-dot to the right of the object in the Scene menu. At the bottom of the dialogue box that opens, click Separate.

For separating individual parts:
If you use the mask tool and single tap an object, you will mask the whole object. Then use the Separate tool in the mask menu.

Thanks, RogerRoger … that works!

It really is amazing how powerful this app is!