PLEASE HELP app crashes as soon as I click Add file button PLEASE HELP

I love this app I prefer this app over zbrush I have been using the full paid for version for a few months now and for some reason now when I click the add button under the import tab the app automatically crashes and closes. I understand if the file is to big its possible for the app to crash but I dont even get to choose a file as soon as I click the add button it crashes and closes and this has never happened before why now what can be done to fix it? Everything I do in this app requires adding pre existing stl flies.

Seems similar to Crash on import and export

Note that you can drop your stl in Android/data/com.stephaneginier.nomad/files/projects folder.
When you’ll restart your app, it should have been added as a new project.

thats alot to do restart the app every time I add one file but thank you I guess I ll just stop using the app until the next update maybe it will be fixed by then. Thanks for the quick response

You dont need to do it everytime. And to be fair its actually not the apps fault its the update on the file app that seems to have a bug in it.