Pinning against background?

Hello all. I am very new to NomadSculpt! There may be a way to do what I’m trying to do, but I’ve forgotten it…

I have a background image I’m tracing. Sometimes I will click the top/right/front cube to see my model straight on, but it changes the zoom size and I can’t trace anymore without moving it back… and hitting the top/right/front cube to straighten out the view angle… rinse and repeat.

So, this brings up several questions:

1 Is there a way to pin everything in place against the image?

2 Is there a way to lock the viewpoint cube to a single axis, no rotation allowed?

3 Is there a way to reset an object to origin 0,0,0? At one vertex, or at the object’s center, or however it might work…

Hope that makes sense. Thanks!

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Under camera choose “add view” it will store background as well. You can store different background pictures with each view.

Log press on navigation cube lock it.

Under gizmo menu action reset.

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Thank you! You have made my life so much easier!

I was unsuccessfully trying to use “View” in the toolbar, and didn’t realize there was another one under Camera. Thanks!

After you made a view, you can update it with the arrow pointing down into a circle. Sometimes better than having a bunch of them.