Pin Button on View Cube and Auto Perspective - Ortho Switch

Similar to the way you can pin menus, I think it would be nice to be able to pin the nav cube views… Also (maybe a option in prefs) to automatically switch to orthographic view when using the cube if you were initially in perspective mode. And returning you to perspective mode when exiting a cube/axis view.

You can long press the cube.

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@BiteyThing you can add the perspective shortcut at the bottom with the snap grid wire icons etc… And when you have it displayed it will remain there all the time (obviously in the final version not in webdemo)

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Camera snap is helping me a lot.
Sure it makes two steps.

  • Rotate camera close to I.e. front view
  • tap camera snap

I was requesting once, to be able to show some camera icons on screen with stored view on display. That could be anything. But it would clutter the view.

Another option with 1.66 =
Use a keyboard and the shortcuts for views.

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Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:
Didn’t know about the long-press to lock! …I rarely turn off perspective unless I go into an ortho view. Always liked how Blender would take you in and out of perspective when snapping to and from a view plane.