How to add shortcut or icon to screen of my saved view point?

I found out how to make and save my own view points rather than using snap cube, but is there an option to make them as accessible as snap cube which flies on screen in one of corners?

Question summarized: How to add shortcut icon to screen of selected view points? or there’s another way?

No shortcuts for direkt access.

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Nothing fast as I was afraid.
Pinning consumes half of the working area. Sadly, as I understood, I can’t somehow pin that little bar of” previous, add view, save, next” and there is nothing to replace that imaginary comfortable function.

thank you for answering :persevere:

The only speedy thing I can think of is to zoom out and tap on that green camera icon in space.

Depends on number of views you need.
Mostly, I am fine with standard orthographic views.
Tap on cube or use camera snap shortcut to snap.
Camera in trackball mode is almost like holding the object on your hands.
Zooming is lighting fast.

If I have 2-3 camera views stored, top centre menu is super fast.

One can lock view by long press cube. Zoom and pan still possible. Rotate is locked.
Double tap on free screen space will Center view to selected object…
Double tap on object in scene menu will centre view to double tapped object.
Four finger tap will free screen from any menu.

We have a bunch of possibilities.