90 degree rotation for the View Cube with hold 2nd finger

It would be handy if you could press the 2nd finger somewhere e.g. on the Smooth or Mask button and a tap on the View Cube would then always rotate it by 90 degrees - or you could switch through the views this way (Top Side Front …)

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I use the camera snap shortcut. It’s not same but almost same speed. Rotate till you almost on 90 degree, very loose, nothing precise. Tap camera snap, done!
Performance wise it’s the same I would say. Wether you look down to search for smooth or snap. But camera snap is just a tap, not a hold. → Less mistakes.

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This is one of the buttons I haven’t used until now - I pinned the button at the bottom, but somehow I missed it. Works quite well !
Now I just have to get used to it … :grinning:.
I would like it if I could pin the button to the View Cube.

If your view is already on 90 degree, camera snap flips to opposite - I.e. from front to back. A nice feature as well. :vulcan_salute: