Allow 90 degree rotation in LOCK view

It would be great if you could still flip the viewing angle by 90 degrees in LOCK View. So you could quickly switch from the side view to the frontal view and so on.
Poss. small arrows that pop up when Lock View is pressed. :pray:


I love this idea… or double tapping the widget could cycle through views.

Another vote for this…would be great for hard surface especially.

Even better…if you could assign reference images to each view, and have them change to that reference image when at pure top/left/front/etc!
Rather than arrows, just have it work like snap does. After a certain distance of swipe, it flips to the view.

Dear Don, this time I would return your advice :smiley:
Add View from camera menu saves reference image as well.
So you can have individual reference images per saved camera view :vulcan_salute: