Inconsistent snap cube 180 degree flip and orthographic snap?

For a while now I’ve been struggling to know when the snap cube will flip to the opposite side or not.
If my viewpoint is not snapped to any particular direction, then tapping the snap cube will normally cause my view to snap to the orientation I tapped on (front, right, left, back etc). This is as expected, and how the cube has always functioned.
Once snapped to an orientation, if I tap the same side of the cube again, then sometimes it flips round to the opposite side (front to back, left to right etc), but very often nothing happens at all, my view stays the same.
Occasionally (but still reasonably often) if my view is almost aligned to a particular orientation, but not fully aligned, tapping the snap cube causes a 180 degree flip, whereas what I was hoping was to snap exactly to the current orientation.
I’ve searched the forum and haven’t found anyone talking about this - apologies if I’ve missed the topic and it’s already been raised. I notice in the change log mention of the pivot point around which the camera will flip, but I’m not sure if this affects when a flip will occur or not.
Is there an inconsistency in the behaviour, or have I failed to understand the logic of what’s happening. Does it behave differently with different tools active? I can’t seem to work out exactly what’s happening.
My preferred behaviour would be: if you are exactly snapped to an orientation, tapping the cube again will flip it 180 degrees; if you are not exactly snapped to an orientation, then tapping the cube will always snap you to the side you tap, even if you you are only very slightly out of alignment in your current view.
(I’m on iPad with version 1.76) Thanks for any help.

Re-upping this because I’m curious whether anyone else has found the new snap cube 180 degree flip to be unpredictable. Sometimes it does the 180 degree flip, and at others not.
Something else I’ve noticed for quite some time now (for at least the last couple of versions) is that orthographic snap seems inconsistent too - sometimes it works sometimes not.
Has anyone else noticed this as well? Thanks. (iPad, 1.76)

It seems to work fine for me on both iPad and iPhone.

Thanks for the feedback - a quick follow up question: if you snap to an orientation, let’s say the front view, wait a moment, then click the front side of the snap cube again, does it always flip round to the back view for you. I find that often it doesn’t. Thanks.

+1 some indicator on the cube of whether the view is snapped or not for example greyed out text on the cube as long as it’s not snapped. Maybe even a bit of vibration feedback on the phone when it snaps.

i get the effect too when tapping that it toggles sides even though its not fully snapped. It would be better if it would snap on first tap, then toggle on second.

didnt see that effect yet

just noticing in the webdemo the imprecise toggle seem already fixed it snaps now before it toggles :+1:

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Yes, waiting for a bit or tapping right away gets it to toggle correctly. Maybe it’s device dependent?

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