HELP! Snap cube goes to a Sphere

Help me please! My snap cube is now a spherical snap « cube », and i cannot undo it. It’s skrew everything up when i try to use it (like going into a perspective mode while trying to focus by double tapping on an « edge ». How can i get it go to my lovely previous normal snap cube? Any ideas?

The cube is not going back. The spherical acts exactly the same way though.

As for the “perspective mode”, it’s completely unrelated, maybe you want to disable “orthographic snap” in the Camera menu.

I’m not opposed to the ball but is the a way to toggle the movement type back to the old free flow rather the new on rails unidirectional slide? It’s handy enough for precise editing but feels incredibly clunky and slow when free sculpting. Positioning that used to be a single flick can now take 3 or 4 serpent actions instead.

I’m confused on why you don’t simply rotate in the viewport if you don’t want the unidirectional slide?

That’s the way it’s meant to be used, you rotate the camera in the viewport as always and snap the view.

Hi featherweight, if you are not using it already you might find navigation easier if you go to the camera menu at the top of the screen, and in the drop down menu try changing rotation from “turntable” to “trackball”. I only use this method because it lets you manoeuvre your object into any position quickly just using 2 fingers on the screen to rotate in any axis you want.
For “free” movements I wouldn’t normally use the snap cube at all; rotating/panning/zooming using 2 fingers on the screen is almost always quicker and easier.
Do you use a stylus to sculpt? If you do, then another useful change you can make to the settings is set it so that only the stylus will make sculpting actions, and the fingers will only do navigation - this way you can navigate by touching the screen without accidentally sculpting on your object. Find those settings here:

In the “fingers and stylus” section copy my settings shown in the picture.
I think the new snap sphere is good because we have gained new functionality. Hope some of this is helpful

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I’m having the same issue.
Not that I mind the sphere but now the movement seems locked to a single axis when moving instead of freely.
I’m finding this a problem mainly when navigating close up and repositioning the viewport is taking several movements instead of one to focus on what I’m doing.

Hi, have you read my comment above? It might be worth trying my suggestions. I’m curious that people are using the snap cube for these types of movement. Do you have camera rotation set to trackball? For me that was a game changer in easy navigation. I also have it set so so that only stylus will sculpt, not finger - this way you can touch your object without accidentally sculpting. If you try my suggestions I’d be interested to know if that solves the issue. All the best.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
Yes I tried your suggestions but unfortunately for me they did not work.
I also have its set for sculpting with the stylus only but smoothing with finger.
The issue I’m finding for example is when I was working on a hand. Zoomed right in I can pan with two fingers but using one finger for rotating is an issue because I would smooth parts of the model by mistake so I would use the snap cube to rotate easily. But since the update it will only rotate in one direction at a time instead of freely.

Ok, I see what you mean. If you did want to start smoothing using the stylus as well you can use the smooth button on the left hand column - if you press it once the stylus will smooth, if you press it again it will go back to whatever tool you were on; it’s a really quick method for going backs and forth between any tool and the smooth function.
But perhaps if a few people are finding the new snap cube behaviour a problem then there could just be a button in the settings to choose whether it behaves in the new way or how the old one did. Then everyone’s happy! Personally I like the new way, but I see why it could be an issue depending on how people like to work (especially if they use finger for some sculpting action).

Hi Jim, thanks for the suggestions.
I’ve used this method before but I find having the touch for smoothing more intuitive because it’s a similar workflow to Procreate.
I guess part of it is habit on me but a toggle in the settings would be a good idea.

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Put 2 fingers on screen then immediately lift one, then you can rotate without interacting with the cube.
The one-axis rotation of the cube is a feature, and it’s the only way to do it.

Blindly listening to every user request and add tons of button is not a good solution.


True - I guess the number of buttons could get out of hand pretty quickly!

For example……ZBrush :rofl: