My snap cube is different

Hello everyone !!!
Don’t Know if i clicked anything but I did a reset interface. My issue is my snap cube is different from anyone else on YouTube and I don’t know if that’s affecting anyway I’m trying to sculpt. Everyone else has left green right blue but i have the opposite. Any help?

This is my orientation of the cube, I think both are the same.

Check it yourself in the WEB DEMO: nomad - WebAssembly

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made and accidental upload but this is the video of southerngf and also a few other videos all are the same except mine

SnapCube is the same on all - even your original screen shot, right is green and left is blue. SnapCube is tied to world orientation, it’s position is true irregardless.

In my original right is green zoom in a bit. I guess t snot a problem but I wanted to make sure nothing was off

Edit Reddit it wrong but look at last picture left is green for some reason

It’s the same - mine is right green/left blue. This is a default state, whether some perameter or operation has the ability to change the colour ordering (I can see that in Glen’s) I’m unsure of; irregardless even if this were to happen, it would not affect the cube’s behaviour, rest assured.

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The left and right faces were swapped on old release.