PC Tools (cheap/free) to go along with NomadSculpt?

The topic ^^

So obviously on an iPad you’d recommend Procreate (to make alphas, projections to eventually 3D-inize, etc)
What about on a full blown PC (Lenovo Yoga)
Something to rig or animate my little monsters? Other things that’d fit in with a general creative process, experimentations, etc.?

Well the obvious free-for-all choise for anything 3d-but-not-Nomad would be Blender.

2D - I don’t know. Maybe GIMP? Also there is Krita which you might wanna take a look at.

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Haven’t tried it myself, but watched this the other day

Free (?) rigging program for windows computers

Any Nomadders play with this yet?

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This is insanely helpful