Particular Perpendicular

I’m trying to make this skull. I try to use the Drag or move tool but it’s not working the way I want it too. Basically I want to drag at a perpendicular angle. The only way I can do that, so it seems, is to try to pull on the face while looking at the side of the object. But when I do this I cant move my Cursor to the middle of the face. This causes the object to deform instead of move the way I want it to. I’ve circled the deformities. As far as deforming goes in this photo it isn’t so bad, my previous skull attempts were terrible I was getting no where.
It would be nice to snap the cursor to the object. Then the cursor could be moved around on the object by swiping. Or Have the ability to drag at specific angles, where there would be a snap so there would be no deviation in direction.

perhaps I’m just a nomad n00b and no one but me has this problem. The move/drag tool would be great if one could choose whether or not it came out perpendicular angle, regardless of where the camera was aimed.

I think the best option is if you use the move tool instead of drag.
Move can use the “Normal” button on the left. When it’s on everything is moved along the average normal of the points that were picked.

Drag also has a Normal button but I didn’t notice a difference having it on or off.

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It’s a legitimate problem, but as mentioned above: Normal mode should solve it.
Otherwise it would be a matter moving like your doing and then just change view and move it again to fix it.
I think if your model is symmetrical and you have symmetry on, you can still position the camera so you can pick the center line and still move at your desired angle without worrying about it deforming off axis since the symmetry sort of cancels that out.

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