Moving tool - pulling geo in depth

Hey!, going to say feature request? Although maybe bug?, or maybe I’m doing this wrong :confused: lol , because I remember zbrush had this issue when I used a long time ago and it drove me nuts.

So this issue happens all the time and I have no idea how to fix it / do it properly, aside from manually pushing the geo multiple times ( making a total mess) So possibly a very noob question and it’s easy but I can’t figure it out lol. So thanks for any help :pray::heart:

Issue: So I want to pull the silhouette of an object and have that pull the geo all the way along the side and create an even bump.

But it never works. If my radius is short it pulls just the radius, but sometimes I want to have the deformation go all the way from the camera and deform the entire object down the axis regardless of the brushes zdepth.

Is there a way?, It seems crazy to have to move the side slowly 20+ times to make the geo go straight and create an even deformation on one side. :(.

Thanks for any help :).

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You could try a slightly different method rather than using the Move brush.

Try stretching the cube out and then using the trim with orthographic view.

Use alphas with grab intensity.
I don’t think I’ve seen this in other 3d apps but can be done something where you indicate the starting point on your face in front view then you put yourself alive left or right and when you move it moves while staying well parallel to the face like that in yesterday from the side you can see your extension which starts from the middle. i dont know if thats understandable what i said lol.

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You could use the project tool to get the same effect as you want (instead of using trim) and that way you keep your geometry neater instead of what bad gel that can remain following a trim.
You could use a gradient alpha to mask the surface you wish to move, feathered off to the edges where you want less movement. Invert the mask and use a large move brush set to “normal” which will pull the faces in the direction of the original face normals (in this case perpendicular to the flat face). The gradient mask will give you an undulating end result.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys!, appreciate it. I’ll give those a shot.

Does seem there isn’t a simple drag all the way through, which is surprising most sculpting apps don’t have that made simpler. Seems like a logical tool to speed up sculpting.

Wish we could specify the radius and then say « full force all the way through the mesh » to create this effect, instead of masking or projecting. Would be awesome if it could have a simpler way of doing this.

Another quick question!, I tried move and drag and honestly I’m not sure what is different?.
They seem to do the same thing. Am I missing what drag does different?.

Oooh never mind I get it now. I was pulling small amounts if I pull more it’s abit like the snake hook tool from zbrush. Cool!.

Oh actually zbrush does have a brush that fixes this. I just found it online

Would this be possible in nomad @stephomi ?.

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Wow looks great

Such option will be very useful! Since I’m coming from mudbox I really miss this possibility to shape the silhouette of a model.

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Yeah exactly would help so much! Thanks for sharing, never tried mud box before I’ll take a look :).

Hmm it’s not straighforward, so not really high priority.
But I’ll see what I can do, I have something in mind but I don’t know if it’s going to work out.


Like this? :thinking:

Nvm I miss it :sweat_smile:

This one perhaps? Sorry I just curious :sweat_smile:

This maybe the closest to zbrush :thinking:

Mask brush smooth that’s the tools I’m using nothing special. Only falloff I pick ”in circle” for brush

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If I understand the issue correctly, I wouldn’t use a brush.
For much more precise control I would use:
Masking, probably blur & transform tool with move & size.

But maybe I just don’t get it. I didn’t used this brush in zBrush as well.

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OOOOOOR, low poly tools ? lol.

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No need for low poly tools in this case, just use low poly primitives, or fitting masks and scale X.

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Thanks @Holger_Schoenischka !, appreciate the video, I didn’t try changing the move mode with vertex set, does work better !.

I learned quite a bit, wouldn’t mind a series of these interesting transformations, they’re inspiring. Thank you!

Great piece of knowledge I have you bookmarked