Move tool only moving what´s visible

Hi, I´m new to the app, and in the sketch phase (adding primitives and shaping them), I´ve found I can only move what is visible. I´m trying to shape a sphere from a front view to match a reference picture. The problem is when I do it and rotate the sphere, only the front visible part of the sphere is modified.
Is there some way to, lets say, use an x-ray view so the hidden geometry (back section for this example) can be modified too?

Enable Radial Symmetry if you want to sculpt more sides of the sphere at once.

Thanks John, but I don´t think that´s a fix. So, isn´t there any way to affect the visible and hidden parts?

Try turning on ‘Inverse Culling’ in the Materials menu, this will allow for you to see the inner surface and chamber of the mesh. Radial symmetry affects the mesh from all sides, not sure what you mean by hidden - because anything hidden from the camera can just be rotated, if it’s inside of the mesh the outside affects its topology.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to sculpt through the mesh. But it helps to switch on the NORMAL function when the MOVE tool is active to work vertically away from the object.
And change the symmetry surface e.g. from X to Z

I see. It would be very convenient in order to make very general tweakings, not every tool, just the move tool. That way it would be really easy to quick fix things or adjust general shapes at the beginning, just like in classic poly modeling.

Default sphere at the beginning you can reverse the subdivisions all the way down to just 96 faces. Equally, any new primitive, you can heavily reduce the topology before validating, this coupled with the move tool gives this ability. However, unlike poly modelling, there aren’t specific operations to control the faces individually - only the individual vertices have manipulation.

Yes, that´s a fix I thought about. But it´s still a workaround. The tool covers more space because the polycount is very low. I don´t know, it´s something totally basic I´ve been doing since forever, I´m surprised you can´t do that in Nomad.
Don´t get me wrong, I bought the app and it´s amazing, The only thing is this particular issue, that totally breaks my workflow. I hope this feature can be implemented in the future.

Poly modelling and sculpting require different sets of parameters and functions, even Blender has to break it in between two separate engines; implementing this isn’t as easy as we may think, especially on mobile platform. Maybe some day we’ll see further development toward a pure modelling side of Nomad as well as sculpting - or progress on operations and additional tools to blur the gap more. For now, there’s always Shapr3D to use alongside with Nomad.(annoying sub costs, but a sheer joy to poly model in)

It’s not “basic” at all if you are talking about an infinite depth Move Infinite Depth | ZBrush Docs (introduced in zbrush 2020).

Not that it’s something particular hard to do, but the behavior differs completely from other brush.

Let throw in some ideas that I am using. Just In case I get your wish at all.

  1. Big brush radius, drag brush, dyntopo + masking
    The big radius let’s you move quite a lot of mesh. Masking let you fix stuff in place. Only drag brush works with dyntopo. Dyntopo set under 100. If dyntopo is necessary.

  2. Masking, transform tool, remesh.
    The transform tool is also not supported be dyntopo. But using remesh let you generate geometry. It’s zBrush dynamesh style. You must have a look which remesh is working better for you. Voxel with no mask support but quads, or dyntopo remesh.

Just some ideas…