Allow option for multiple axes of radial symmetry simultaneously

Hello Stephane,
This is a follow up to the post I made the other day in the lounge. I realise I didn’t explain myself very well, or give a good example of why I found using multiple axes of radial symmetry so useful in the previous version of nomad.
The screenshots below show an object I made entirely in nomad. It could be an art sculpture, or a piece of pendant jewellery, or just an interesting trinket. This object has 2-fold radial symmetry in the x, y and z axes. It is very awkward to create and modify a shape like this unless you can activate x, y and z radial symmetry all at once.

In the second screenshot, imagine you want to use the move tool to adjust the shape at point A. To preserve the correct symmetry of the object, if you move point A, you also need points B, C and D to move in a corresponding way. In the old version of Nomad this was easy to do by activating x, y and z 2 fold symmetry all at once. Now it is quite hard - in fact I don’t think there is a good solution.
My proposal is that you could include a checkbox under the radial symmetry section which says “enable multiple axis radial symmetry”, or something like that. By default it would be turned off, but any user, like me, who find it helpful, could turn it on.
I realise that you must have changed the way radial symmetry works for a good reason. Maybe it caused an instability or something with another feature of the app. However, I always found it worked reliably, and never had a problem. So perhaps, if you think it necessary, you could include a warning next to the checkbox, like you have elsewhere with some other features.
I hope will consider this suggestion.
I really love the other new features you have introduced: particularly instancing and parenting which work so nicely and are so easy and intuitive to use.
All the best.

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