View X, Y, and/or Z axis while actively sculpting

Hello all!

Is there a way to view the X, Y, and/or Z axis while actively sculpting? I see that I can view this under “Symmetry: Sphere”, but as soon as I clear out of the symmetry tool and go to sculpt, the selected axis disappears. Thanks in advance for the assistance. I tried looking in the forum and I realize that is a newb question, but I have spent more time on this than I probably should have.


If you’re on about viewports there is none in Nomad, only the ability to switch angles to these views. Symmetry axis is for mirroring objects, it will duplicate/replicate the mesh.

In same symmetry menu.
It is named symmetry: nameXY because of selected mesh.
Scroll down to advanced.
There, you can check plane or line.
This will show the symmetry plane or line of the selected mesh and stay active until you uncheck.

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Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks knacks!

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