Is there a way to constrain the axis for brush, stamp or mask tool?

Hi there, very new to Nomad but I love it and need some help.

In essence sometimes I’m drawing a mask or using the brush and I would love to make a straight line… but I can’t figure out a way other than myself being perfect… which isn’t likely.

Also I’m using a stamp to put brick texture on a wall and I can tell every single time I do it it’s slightly ever so slight cantered no matter how hard I try… being able to align it somehow or restrict movement to specific degrees of rotation would be very helpful but I cane find out how.

Please help! Thanks!

This will be better in the upcoming update, where it will be possible to rotate and fix the alpha beforehand. You can test it in the WebApp.

Ah ok. I’m unfamiliar with the web app. How does one access it?

It would be really handy to have a way to drag guidelines and have a snap feature. But I’d settle with a way to just constrain movement and rotation. How does the update work with this? Any idea when the update will be out?

Thanks so much for the quick reply!

Here you can test the upcoming changes: nomad - WebAssembly

No idea when Stephane will release the update.
You can use other objects or the grid as an auxiliary line. But a snap function for this is not yet coming…

Thanks so much. You’ve been very helpful, I appreciate you taking the time.

Sounds funny….but…For straight line - you could use a real life ruler till this will be implemented once. I have a soft one for this.

I really would love to see a stroke menu with straight lines, ellipse, circle, square and path like in sel mask but for any tool. Best with quick shape recognitions. But this didn’t find that much interest so far.


So funny that I never thought of this!