Parameter to link visual option to a view


Really great app, easy to use and I’m amazed to what is possible to do on a recent Ipad(2020).

When I sculpt, I usually have the shading as a matcap and don’t display the paint without any post processing active, but when I want to see a preview of my work, I have to navigate through these 3 different menus (and sometimes the multiresolution) to activate each one of them.

I think to have a set of parameters that let us link these options to a view would be a great addition. You could save a view with paint, post processing and such option active, and to have a quick preview you could simply switch to that view, and even sculpt/paint with these parameters. In addition another button would allow us to reset the view to the default matcap, no paint, no post processing.

Great work and best regards!

Isn’t a macro/action recorder the option we really need?
That way one could do lots of different, complex sequences on one hit.
Single macros and opening macro editor could be on shortcut and one button or gesture to open full menu.

That said, there will be always people asking for useful combination of actions, I guess a solution for all of them would be perfect.