Painting creates artefacts. Bugs with cursor

Why this artefacts appears while painting? I smoothed it, but it appears again. And how to solve the problem with cursor? It’s on the right side of point of contact between stylus and the screen

Try to select the gizmo and in its setting menu, try the « bake » feature.

The offset bug should be fixed on next release.

As for the artefacts, can you replicate the bug reliably?
If so, you can send me the model and I’ll be able to fix it.
I do have an idea on what’s the cause of the issue but I can’t tell for certain.

I’ve bake gizmo, it became better, but still on the right side
Artefacts appears while rotating, when it will happen again I can send it here

Do you think you can send me the file (if you can replicate the bug consistently of course)?

it happens unexpectedly