Paint tool problems

I’m new to this program but I’m really excited to experiment with digital models and sculpting, however one thing that has been frustrating me is that I can paint. I know how to change the color of the material itself but I can’t paint on top of it. I’m not the base layer, I’m on the top.

If anyone can give me some advice that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

can you screen record the entire interface and upload that video? it could be a variety of things, but hard to say without seeing the full UI.

at a guess;

-your paint colour is white in that sreenshot, is that what you expect?
-you don’t have the erase mode turned on by accident?
-you have ‘show painting’ enabled in the lighting menu?
-your brush intensity isn’t at 0% by accident?
-you’re painting on a mesh that’s been validated?

Ok I’ll see if what you recommended will resolve the issue. I appreciate your response :slight_smile:
Have a nice day

I CAN PAINT!!! I checked through all the suggestions you had and then I clicked paint all and then I undid it and suddenly I could paint! Thank you so much for the advice!

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