Oktoberfest Dirindl Kitsune Bunny Girl

I’m primarily a Zbrush and Procreate user, but I found out about this app a week ago when I heard about Procreate’s next 3D model painting update which then led to a search for more information. One of the discussion boards I came across had a thread talking about using Nomad Sculpt along with Procreate and that’s where my NS interest began. After taking the plunge and overdosing on anything and everything Nomad Sculpt-related for the past week I’ve decided to join the forum!

Below is a WIP that started off in Sculptura and then Zbrush that I’ve decided to continue and finish in NS just to push how far it can go. The image on the left (consisting of almost 2M polys) is how far I got when I then set it aside so I could figure out how to approach decorating the model. It was around that time I learned of the existence of NS. Yesterday, after several days of getting familiar with NS and abusing its features, I imported the model and continued working on it. The image on the right represents how it currently looks, and I feel I’m at a halfway point with finishing it. The model is now currently around 4.3M polys and (per my earlier stress tests) my 2017 iPad Pro shouldn’t begin getting showing signs of fussiness until I hit the 8M mark. I’ll try to update this thread with my progress as I head towards the 100% completion mark.


Nice sculpt - welcome to the forum. There is also a Discord channel which is more “chatty” than the forum. It’d be nice to see you over there too! :grin:

Looking good. :+1:t2:

Welcome aboard!

Maybe consider some kneecaps.

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Due to this and that, I’m going to put this on the back burner while I try out this art challenge using Nomad Sculpt. I’m going to use the challenge to build up some additional techniques and probably build up some basemeshes which I’ll apply to finishing up this sculpt.

I’ll put my WIP of that art challenge on another thread.

Below pic is my tentative To-Do notes when I come back for the revisit.